Course Description

Using a digital marketing strategy can supercharge your fundraising efforts, but it can also be pretty daunting to set up with so many moving parts and considerations to take into account. That’s why we’re sharing some secrets about easily setting up your fundraising and marketing strategy. In this course, we're going to teach you the tried and true, industry-tested knowledge, guidelines and best practices that we have honed over the years as nonprofit professionals at some of the largest nonprofit organizations around.

All of the steps to step up your digital marketing are outlined and explained in this easy-to-follow course. We’ll guide you through setting up audiences and optimizing advertisements, using social and email campaigns to increase engagement and how to cultivate donors through email nurture campaigns.

Even if you already have your marketing collateral in place, with all of the optimization tools and new applications available, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, there are ways to make it easier for you and the rest of your marketing team. Sign up for this course and you'll learn how to effortlessly fundraise online.

In addition, you'll receive access to our private Non-Profit Online Support Network on Facebook for additional support.

About the instructor

Online Marketing Strategist

Naomi Lantzman

Naomi Lantzman helps non-profit organizations leverage the power of digital marketing to increase donations and build community. She develops online marketing strategies using social media, content creation, search optimization, and email marketing. Naomi has been helping non-profits increase their visibility, engage their community, and grow their donor base for over a decade. She provides consulting, website development, and social media management services.At Rochester Institute of Technology, Naomi earned a Bachelors of Science degree in New Media Publishing and a Masters of Science degree in Communications and Media Technologies. She later narrowed her focus towards graphic design and web development. She has since taught over one hundred courses in print, publishing, and design at The Digital Media Arts College, Lynn University and The Art Institutes.She has also been employed as an e-Initiatives Manager at a large non-profit organization and Chief Technical Officer at a web development and public relations firm, in addition to founding Signify Studio, a boutique graphic and web design company, with her husband. In all these years in this industry, she has never lost her love of, or her enthusiasm for, brainstorming, building relationships and diving into meaningful projects.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

  • 2

    Building Blocks

    • Laying the Foundation

    • Your Tools and Team

    • Developing Your Strategy

    • Homework

  • 3

    Branding Basics

    • Clarity and Vision

    • Developing Your Identity

    • Creating Consistency

    • Homework

  • 4

    Design Principles

    • The 7 Principles of Design

    • Design

    • Structure, Space and Balance

    • Importance of Typography

    • Homework

  • 5


    • Hierarchy and Flow

    • UX Best Practices

    • Habits and Preferences

    • Homework

  • 6

    Content Development

    • Your Unique Message

    • your story

    • How to Write for the Web

    • Creating Connection

    • Connection

    • Homework

  • 7

    Digital Marketing Tools

    • Your Marketing Toolbox

    • How to Integrate Tools

    • Streamlining Your Process

    • Homework

  • 8

    Website Strategy

    • Your Fundraising Funnel

    • Landing Pages

    • Donation Pages

    • Homework

  • 9

    Email Marketing

    • Newsletters

    • Broadcast Emails

    • Email Sequences

    • Homework

  • 10

    List Engagement

    • Building Your List

    • Email Marketing Strategy

    • Creating a Call to Action

    • Homework

  • 11

    Social Media

    • Social Media Channels

    • Foundation

    • Working with Influencers

    • Improving Your Reach

    • Strategy

    • Homework

  • 12

    Facebook Advertising

    • Getting Started

    • Cultivating Donors

    • Engaging Your List

    • Setting Up Audiences

    • Setting Up Your Ads

    • Connecting All the Pieces

    • Homework

  • 13

    Facebook Fundraising Tools for Nonprofits

    • Getting Started

    • About the Fundraising Tools

    • How to Apply

    • Payout and Reporting

    • Fundraising Tips

    • Homework

  • 14

    SEO and SEM

    • SEO Basics

    • Taking It Up a Notch

    • Paid Search

    • SEO Content

    • Homework

  • 15

    Analytics & Testing

    • Setting Up Analytics

    • Analytics

    • Using Pixels

    • A/B Split Testing

    • Homework

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